With over 30 years experience in managing personal and house liquidation sales, we take pride in being able to help you determine what is the best avenue for you and the best venue for your personal property.

#1.    A Tag Sale:     This requires a major portion of the contents of a home – small items found in closets, basements and attics as well as furniture.   This would be a two day sale on a Friday and Saturday, from 10AM to 4PM, or a one day sale if appropriate. We reorganize your home in order to make it conducive for a sale.  Display cases and tables are set up, items are priced and necessary research is done.  Admission numbers are handed out to those waiting in line for the sale to begin, and our staff monitors the rooms and customers.  We handle all aspects of the sale including staff, set up, pricing, permits, writing and placing the ad. We also notify our extensive email list.   

#2.   We Price/You Sell:     This is beneficial to the owner when there isn’t enough to be considered a “full” sale, yet items need to be professionally priced. And it helps the owner to be in better control. We will price your items to sell, provide a two page printout of tips and instructions for a successful sale, write the advertisement and place it on the internet.  We price and you and your family/friends will run the sale, but with the confidence of knowing the value of the items you may have been unaware of.  This can be a great savings to you.  

#3.  Appraisals/Evaluations:     We offer this service in the event you require or desire to know the estimated value of antique or personal property for fair market, estate or insurance replacement pricing.  Donations can also be arranged.

#4.  Cleanout:     We also provide a broom sweep cleanout service necessary for closing day of any house.  We clear out all closets, basements, attics, garages, yards and rooms of furniture, household items and rubbish and clean and vacuum our way out, leaving your home sparkling, and also donating to as many charities as possible.  The price is labor plus rubbish costs.

#5.   Organization:     For those of you who need assistance or a second opinion in staging your house for sale, we offer our design training experience to help you see your home through a buyer’s eyes and give it a fresh look.  Or we can just help you de-clutter, pack and move forward!

Please feel free to contact us at (201) 665-8208 or email  for a free consultation and rates for the above services.  BUY-GONE TRADING CO. acts as an extension of your family looking out for your best interest when you don’t have time to.  We would be pleased to help you!  Thank you.